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Creating a video requires a delicate balance of talent, technique, and vision. It doesn't hurt to have excellent equipment and editing skills, either. But when you're running a videography business, your video work is only part of the equation for success. The other part involves protecting the business you've built.

From camera damage to copyright infringement, the risks involved with film and video production can quickly become an expensive matter. An insurance plan with policies designed for video work can protect your business and keep the reel rolling.

Whether you film weddings or create training videos for company clients, the agents at insureon know the risks you may face and can connect you with the insurance coverage your business may need. Take a look below.

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Whether you're ready to build your business insurance plan or you'd like to ask a few more questions, an insureon agent who's familiar with the insurance needs of videographers can get you where you want to go. If you'd like a quote, complete our online application. We'll work as a liaison between you and some of the most well-respected small-business insurance providers in the business.

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