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Watch Joe Maher, founder of JM Images Photography, discuss why he chose to work with insureon to find photography insurance and how the experience helped his business. Read the full story.

Facts and Figures

Market Saturation

Jobs are expected to grow just 4% for self-employed photographers between 2012 and 2022.

Long Odds

Only 15% of photography startups survive to their third year.
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Top 5 Risks
  1. Simple mistakes.
  2. Missed deadlines.
  3. Bad luck.
  4. Slips and falls.
  5. Data breaches.
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Don't Shoot in the Dark — A Risk Management Guide for Photographers and Videographers
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Framing a Business to Maximize Growth and Minimize Risk
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5 Life Hacks That'll Pay for Insurance
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Competitive Photography / Videography Business Quotes at Your Fingertips

Photography and video production can be a tough profession. Not only do you need equipment and training, but you also have to be recognized for your artistic talent. And then there's the business side: connecting with clients, networking with other professionals, and investing in your company. Finding a photography insurance policy that fits your risks and suits your budget can seem like an obstacle you don't have time for when your plate is full enough already.

At insureon, we know the risks that photographers and videographers face every day, and we know insurance. We'll pair you with an agent who specializes in photographer and videographer insurance and who knows how to protect your business. Whether you photograph weddings, make commercials for local businesses, or aspire to be the next Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, we have you covered.

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