Inland Marine Insurance
for Photographers, Videographers & Video Production Companies

When you're a photographer or videographer, your gear is your livelihood, and any place in the world could be a new worksite that helps you make your name in the industry. Although you might think a standard Property Insurance policy would have all your photography gear covered, there's one catch: lugging all that stuff to different locations exposes you to certain risks that the policy may not address. For starters, most policies don't cover losses that happen away from your primary place of business (e.g., your studio).

So if your SLR is stolen when you are shooting a wedding in the middle of nowhere, what can you do? What happens when your telephoto lens cracks at the football game and you don't have a replacement? What if your laptop slips out of your backpack on a mountaintop and now you don't have a way to process your photos? Do you swallow the loss, even if it means you may not have enough money on hand to make rent that month?

Luckily, there's no reason to risk falling into dire financial straits. You can protect your cameras, lenses, lights, rental equipment, and more with Inland Marine Insurance. Simply add this endorsement to your Property policy for versatile coverage that goes where your gear goes.

Inland Marine Protects

Inland Marine Insurance: Providing Peace of Mind Away from the Studio

Though the name is a little misleading, you'll come to know this policy as your white knight. Inland Marine was created back when people depended on ships to carry goods across the raging seas. If the cargo was lost, damaged, or stolen while traversing unforgiving or unfriendly waters, the insurance company compensated the owner for the loss.

But as technology and transportation moved inland, so did the coverage. Nowadays, Inland Marine Insurance can help an array of small-business owners to protect their equipment and goods as they travel from place to place.

For photographers and videographers that travel from site to site, the coverage is especially helpful. Your Inland Marine policy can protect your…

  • Cameras, lenses, computers, lighting equipment, and other electronics.
  • Rented equipment.
  • Accounts receivable.
  • Trailers used to transport your gear.

So say, for example, you get in an accident on the way to a shoot. Though you may think your Commercial Auto Insurance would cover the damage to the gear you're hauling, most policies only cover damages to the vehicle itself.

Luckily, your Inland Marine policy can compensate you when your insured assets are lost or damaged…

  • During transportation.
  • At a location other than your primary place of business (e.g., at a shooting site).
  • By theft, fire, or vandalism.
  • In windstorms.

Policies may differ, so be sure to discuss your coverage with your insurance agent.

Customize Your Business Insurance Plan

Add Inland Marine to Your Business Insurance Plan

The bottom line? If you want camera insurance or protection for your equipment when you're out of the studio, Inland Marine Insurance is the way to go.

You can purchase Inland Marine Insurance as a standalone policy or as an endorsement to your Property Insurance policy. If you're a freelance photographer, the first option may be appropriate for you until your business grows. If you own a photography or video-editing studio, perhaps the second option makes more sense, as you'll probably need a commercial Property policy to protect your studio anyway.

Of course, your coverage needs ultimately depend on your business's specific practices and exposures. Work with a photography insurance agent who can assess your unique risks and tailor your policies accordingly.

For a free quote, simply complete an online insurance application today. Or, if you're looking for one-on-one guidance with an expert, contact an insureon agent at 800-688-1984.

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