General Liability Insurance
for Photographers, Videographers & Video Production Companies

As a professional photographer or videographer, you know that every shoot consists of elements you can control and those you can't. But no matter what your subjects or the weather throws at you, your client depends on you to produce a product that captures someone or something in just the right way.

Like your shoots, there are elements of your photography or videography business that you can control. And for those you can't, there's General Liability Insurance. This kind of policy protects your business in the event that someone claims you, your employees, or your services caused them bodily harm or property damage.

Whether you own a photography or video-editing studio, do freelance work, or otherwise work in photography or video production, there is a General Liability policy that will work for your business.

General Liability Insurance Protects

Photographers and Videographers: How General Liability Insurance Protects You

General Liability Insurance is a commonly purchased policy among photographers and videographers, particularly freelancers and those with start-up studios. Why? These plans tend to be affordable, and they protect your growing business from a plethora of claims that might bring expensive lawsuits. Accidents do happen, both in your studio and on-site. General Liability Insurance protects your business in both scenarios. Imagine what could happen to an uninsured photographer if…

  • Someone is hurt at your studio. For example, while taking a portrait, a client's child trips over an electrical cord during a shoot and breaks a bone.
  • Someone is hurt on location. For example, while on location at a shoot, the model cuts her foot on a rusted railroad tie and develops an infection.
  • You damage someone's property in your studio. For example, after shooting a client in her priceless vintage pearl earrings, you hold them for safekeeping so you can take some photos without them, and they end up lost.
  • You damage someone's property on location. For example, while setting up your equipment in a client's home, you scratch and damage her newly refinished hardwood floors.

Any of these situations could lead to a lawsuit, and if your studio doesn't carry General Liability coverage, you might have to pay legal fees, settlements, judgments, and any other court-related costs of out-of-pocket.

Even if the lawsuit is thrown out in court, you'll still have to defend yourself. Luckily, General Liability Insurance protects you even if the claims are unmerited.

Need to Know

General Liability Insurance: What Photographers and Videographers Need to Know

General Liability Insurance is often customizable to fit the needs of your individual photography or videography business. Keep the following in mind as you decide what kind of policy is right for your business insurance plan:

BOPs: An Economic Option for Photographers and Videographers

Some photography and videography businesses may be deemed "low-risk" by insurers. If this is true of your business, you may be eligible to package your General Liability and Property Insurance together into a Business Owner's Policy, or BOP. A BOP is an insurance bundle that typically comes with lower monthly premiums. Contact an insureon agent to see if your business qualified for a BOP.

Videographers & Photographers: Check Your Contracts

No matter how low-risk your photography or videography studio may be, always be sure to double check your client contracts, especially if you are working onsite or in any location other than your studio. Often, you'll see a clause obligating you to carry insurance. Why? This coverage lowers you client's financial risk — and as an uninsured contractor, you would be their liability.

What Isn't Covered for Photographers and Videographers

It's important for business owners to realize that General Liability Insurance does not cover all mistakes and mishaps. For example, if an employee is injured on the job, you would need Workers' Compensation Insurance to pay for medical bills. And if you or an employee made a professional mistake that led to a lawsuit, you would need Professional Liability Insurance to pay for any legal expenses.

It's difficult to imagine that your studio may be the cause of someone's injury or property damage, but unexpected mishaps do happen. And in worst-case scenarios, your General Liability Insurance can pay for medical expenses, funeral expenses, and court-awarded compensation (if the injury results in death).

These expenses would otherwise be too costly for the average photographer or videographer to pay on his own.

Customize Your Business Insurance Plan

Photographers and Videographers: Customize Your Business Insurance Plan

Our insureon agents are here to help protect your photography or videography studio from the risks and unanticipated accidents that can leave a business like yours in financial ruin. If you're ready to find a policy that protects your business and its assets, contact insureon to speak with an agent specialized in the insurance needs of photographers and videographers.

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