Don't Shoot in the Dark
A Risk Management Guide for Self-Employed Photographers and Videographers

Chapter 1: Small Business Insurance Basics for Photographers and Videographers
Part 2: Do Freelancers Need Small Business Insurance?

In short: yes. Photographers and videographers need small business insurance to help mitigate the risks outlined in the previous section. But a business insurance plan can offer freelancers more than just business protection. Business insurance can also…

  • Set you apart. Not all professional photographers and videographers carry business insurance, but being able to show your potential clients a Certificate of Liability Insurance will help win their trust.
  • Help you grow. When you have insurance protection, you may be able to take on bigger projects with bigger clients. For example, it may be difficult to specialize in destination-wedding photography if you don't have the liability protection to back it up. Similarly, it may be difficult for videographers to contract with larger companies to make training videos, for example, because those companies often require certain levels of insurance.

What kind of insurance and how much insurance you need will depend on several factors, including…

  • The types of services you offer.
  • Your total billings.
  • Where you work.

Most freelancers should, at the least, look into General Liability and Property Insurance (spoiler alert: these two can be bundled together for a discount in what's called a Business Owner's Policy). Read on to learn how these basic protections can protect your business's assets.

Many freelancers qualify for a type of discounted, bundled insurance called a Business Owner's Policy.

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Don't Shoot in the Dark - A Risk Management Guide for Photographers and Videographers
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