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What kind of wedding photographer insurance do I need?

Q: What kind of wedding photographer insurance do I need?

A: It's no secret that weddings are a high-stress environment. And they're expensive. If something isn't exactly right, the bride and groom (or their family) could sue their photographer, claiming you messed up their wedding day. Given how much is at stake and the high demands couples place on their wedding photographer, it's important to have wedding photographer insurance that will cover your lawsuit risks.

Below, we'll look at three wedding photographer insurance policies:

  • General Liability Insurance.
  • Business Owner's Policy.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance.

3 Wedding Photographer Insurance Policies You Needs to Know

There are three wedding photographer insurance policies that cover the incidents most likely to affect you.

  • General Liability Insurance for wedding photographers covers third-party lawsuits about injuries and property damage. Say you're shooting a wedding and a guest trips over your camera bag and breaks his wrist. GL Insurance could cover your lawsuit expenses, paying for your lawyers and covering the damages the judge rules you owe. GL also covers lawsuits about property damage. If you're shooting a wedding at a fancy venue and accidentally knock over a painting hanging on a wall, GL can cover the lawsuit.
  • A Business Owner's Policy is a great way for budget-conscious photographers to save money on their insurance costs. A BOP actually packages General Liability and Property Insurance together. You'll get the lawsuit and property coverage of both policies and you'll qualify for a reduced premium. Insurers reward small-business owners who sign up for these 2-policy bundles by lowering their normal rates. A BOP typically costs around $500 for a photographer or videographer, which can save you a few hundred dollars in annual premiums.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance covers disputes about your photography. Some people want their wedding to be perfect and even the slightest problem could lead them to file a lawsuit. If you miss a key photograph opportunity, accidentally delete an important photo, or deliver work that doesn't satisfy the couple's standards, E&O can cover your liability, paying for your legal costs and any damages you may owe in a lawsuit.

These aren't the only insurance policies a wedding photographer needs, but they will cover many of the biggest liabilities you have. For free quotes on wedding photographer insurance, submit an online insurance application with insureon.

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