How Much Does Business Insurance Cost
for Photographers, Videographers & Video Production Companies?

Insureon provides free sample insurance quotes to give you an idea of what your photography or videography business will pay for its coverage. But before we get to those quotes, it's helpful to look at some of the factors that affect the cost of insurance. Read on for an idea of how much insurance costs for…

What Affects the Cost?

What Affects the Cost of Small Business Insurance for Photographers and Videographers?

Every photography and videography business is different: you have different equipment, specialties, clientele, and studios. The only thing in common between a baby photographer and a freelance photo journalist is the fact that they both use a camera. Because of these differences, each business will pay a slightly different price for insurance coverage.

Policies will be priced to reflect…

  • The amount of equipment you have.
  • The size of your businesses.
  • How many employees you have.
  • Your revenue.

Naturally, businesses with expensive equipment and lots of customers will pay higher premiums than smaller studios. For instance, a videographer with a top-of-the-line editing studio will have higher Property Insurance / Business Owner's Policy premiums than a freelance photographer with minimal equipment.

You might also have to pay higher insurance premiums if your business has been sued in the past or had to file an insurance claim. Just as drivers pay higher Auto Insurance premiums after getting in an accident, small-business owners with a claims history have higher insurance costs.

How Much Does Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Insurance Cost for Photographers and Videographers?

While every photography business is different, our staff has crunched the numbers to find the typical cost of insurance for small photography and videography businesses. The links below will take you to a sample quotes page that shows a ballpark estimate on the cost of General Liability and other basic business insurance policies.

Choose your area of expertise and find out how much insurance might cost for your business.

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