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4 Headaches Wedding Photographer Insurance Can Prevent

If you're considering getting into wedding photography, it's a good idea to talk to some professionals already in the business. In addition to helpful advice, you might hear about some weddings that were, let's say, "less than ideal" to work on.

It takes a special breed of photographer to regularly handle large groups of people on one of the most emotionally charged days of their lives, and the smallest mistake can cost you big. Knowing your way around potential pitfalls is crucial, but so is professional photography insurance. The proper coverage protects your business when something goes wrong, and at weddings, things can go south quickly. (Check out some real-world examples in the article, "6 Most Ridiculous Times Photography Insurance Came in Handy.")

Here are some common problems photographer insurance can address.

1. Wedding Photographer Insurance Addresses Big Day Disasters

1. Wedding Photographer Insurance Addresses Big Day Disasters

Insurance isn't going to do much if the entire wedding party suddenly finds itself in the path of an oncoming asteroid, but it can cover you if you face a smaller photographic disaster. Did you forget to put the memory card in? Did none of the photos turn out how the newlyweds wanted them to?

Errors and Omissions Insurance can cover professional mistakes, letting you reimburse your client or defend yourself if they file a lawsuit. It's an especially important insurance policy for wedding photographers to have, as their clients sometimes expect nothing less than perfection for their special day. Though communicating with clients can help you avoid legal entanglements, E & O coverage is a necessary backup plan. (Having a backup camera is also always a solid plan of action, too.)

2. Wedding Photographer Insurance Covers Accidents on the Way There

2. Wedding Photographer Insurance Covers Accidents on the Way There

Most photographers drive their personal vehicles to and from event sites, hauling their equipment with them. But what many photographers might not know is that their personal auto insurance policy probably doesn't cover accidents that happen on business errands.

If your vehicle suffers damage while driving for work, you may have more to worry about than just getting to the wedding on time. Fortunately, Commercial Auto Insurance covers work-related auto accidents and can cover damages your personal auto policy most likely won't.

Plus, Inland Marine Insurance can reimburse you if your photography gear is lost or damaged in transit or lost on location (e.g., if your spare DSLR is stolen by a bratty teenager).

3. Wedding Photographer Insurance Covers Lawsuits When Somebody Gets Injured

3. Wedding Photographer Insurance Covers Lawsuits When Somebody Gets Injured

Most small businesses carry General Liability Insurance, and for good reason. It covers lawsuits over third-party bodily injuries that happen on your commercial property or that your work causes.

So if somebody injures themselves on your equipment or at your studio, General Liability Insurance can cover costs related to medical bills and damages. Say the bride's grandma trips on your camera bag and breaks her leg. You might be liable for the injury and forced to pay for her hospital stay.

Though General Liability isn't a time machine and won't reinstate good will when your camera bag takes down the bride's beloved grandmother, it does ease your financial burdens when these unpredictable accidents happen.

4. Wedding Photographer Insurance Covers Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

4. Wedding Photographer Insurance Covers Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

General Liability Insurance also covers lawsuits over copyright infringement. If you use popular music on your website or include it in your client's wedding video, chances are it's copyrighted and you can get in legal trouble for not licensing it. (You can read more about such a case here: "4 Times When Video Production Insurance Saved the Day.")

It's always good to do your homework and know what you can and can't use. But insurance comes in handy just in case.

Getting Wedding Photography Business Insurance Is No Headache, Either

Purchasing photography insurance is an easy process. Just fill out an online application to get free quotes sent right to your inbox. Usually, we can take you from quote to bind in 24 hours or less. So save yourself a headache, and get covered!

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