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4 Times When Video Production Insurance Saved the Day

Anyone who's ever tried to make a quality video knows how much stuff can go wrong in the process. Charging the camera batteries, getting the right light, recording good sound, transferring, editing, and rendering to a finalized product can test even the most careful and prepared professionals.

That's why when you're responsible for making a client's video, videographer liability insurance isn't just a good idea — it's essential. Take a look at the examples below to see times when videographers faced some serious legal trouble that video production insurance can address.

1. When the Bride was Unhappy

1. When the Bride was Unhappy

A bride can be very particular about her wedding day details ­ — even when it comes to the video. According to SLR Lounge New browser window icon., Monica Nikchemny of Brooklyn is suing the studio she hired to produce a wedding video to show guests at the reception.

The studio, Visualez, is fighting a $122,000 lawsuit because Nikchemny claims it missed capturing key moments in the wedding and added weird sound effects to the video that told their "love story." The studio posted videos of the event that appear very well done, so whether or not Nikchemny has a legitimate complaint is up in the air. The lawsuit, however, is very real.

2. When the Music Label Alleged Piracy

2. When the Music Label Alleged Piracy

Sure, you would have done anything to work on the Pirates of the Caribbean films, but that's no excuse for pillaging copyrighted music. You can get yourself in a bit of trouble for using unlicensed music in one of your videos, especially if it gets posted online.

Videographer Joe Simon shared his story about being sued by a music label with Dare Dreamer Magazine New browser window icon., and he offered tips on how to get music that won't lead to a legal mess. According to Simon, the label sought $150,000 in damages for the use of one song, but he managed to settle in the tens of thousands.

When that kind of money is on the line, it's worth it to be careful about your music selection. But if you are inadvertently mixed up in a copyright infringement lawsuit, your General Liability Insurance can help cover legal expenses.

3. When the Videographer or Camera Really Messed Up

3. When the Videographer or Camera Really Messed Up

When you agree to film a wedding — or any important function, really — you should probably make sure you actually get it on tape. Unfortunately for Martin and Heidi Shubrook, their videographer failed to follow that advice.

According to New browser window icon., when the couple looked over the final wedding video expecting to see happy faces and smiling relatives, all they saw was grass. Apparently, the videographer had filmed the entire wedding at odd angles, managing to miss the big important stuff (such as the wedding couple). They sued and were awarded $1,000 for the mistake.

4. When the Groom Wanted to Recreate the Wedding…With His Ex-Wife

4. When the Groom Wanted to Recreate the Wedding…With His Ex-Wife

When the studio H & H Photographers of New York agreed to photograph and film the wedding of Todd Remis and Milena Grzibovska, it never expected to be sued six years later. The New York Times New browser window icon. reports that Remis came after the studio long after the wedding, claiming it missed the last 15 minutes of the wedding and messed up the video.

He's suing for the expense of recreating the wedding and flying out all the principals, including his ex-wife, Milena, who moved back to Latvia. If you think that's a little crazy, so do the owners of the studio. They're still fighting the lawsuit and paying a fortune in attorney fees.

How Video Production Insurance Can Help You Survive a Lawsuit

In most of these examples, the videographers were sued over professional mistakes (real or perceived). When these lawsuits crop up, Errors & Omissions Insurance (aka Professional Liability Insurance) can shield videographers from the high cost of…

  • Attorney fees.
  • Settlements.
  • Judgments.
  • Other court costs (e.g., docket fees and witness expenses).

As these examples make clear, lawsuits are a real risk in the video production field. Even if you do nothing wrong, an irrational client can become a major pain for your business if they decide to sue. That's why insurance is a key part of running a successful and prepared business. To get free videographer insurance quotes today, fill out an online application.

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