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4 Unlikely Lawsuits Your Photographer Liability Insurance Would Cover

Sometimes the best way to understand how something works is to look at real-world examples. And sometimes it's better to brainstorm wacky, improbable hypothetical scenarios that push things to the extreme. This article will do the latter. To help you see the full extent of what photographer liability insurance can cover, this article explores some very unlikely scenarios that would nevertheless be covered by your photography insurance.

Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, and remain fastened until we come to a complete stop. If at any point you'd prefer to see some real cases that real photographers have faced, please consult the article, "The 6 Most Ridiculous Times Photography Insurance Came in Handy."

Now sit back, relax, and imagine the following:

1. Being Sued Because of the Sun

1. Being Sued Because of the Sun

Picture yourself at a wedding. You're the photographer. (Surprised?) You snap hundreds of pictures of the radiant bride, the gallant groom, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen all lined up like the spikes of a crown. It's breathtaking. You capture the joyful fervor of the reception, the teary-eyed faces of the toast makers, and the hilarious drunken antics of everyone's favorite uncle.

You go home after a long and satisfying day, happy that this wedding was a joy to work. You look back over the pictures. Something's wrong. Nothing's showing up. You have the memory card, but nothing's on it. Is the camera broken? Is the memory card corrupt? Did a sun flare fry the card while you were driving back home? You panic. The wonderful family you worked with is devastated by the loss and turn from joyful to vindictive. They sue. They come after you for negligence. "But it was a sun flare!" you say. The lawsuit presses on.

Any photographer worth their salt will have backup cards, backup cameras, and everything ready to go in case they see something wrong after the first few photos. But it's possible something could happen to ruin all your hard work. Professional Liability Insurance (aka Errors and Omissions Insurance) can help pay for your legal bills when unfortunate circumstances damage your professional performance.

2. Being Sued Because of Bugs

2. Being Sued Because of Bugs

Imagine you're at a photo shoot. You're the photographer. (Unexpected?) You're shooting a local business for their advertising. Maybe it's a restaurant. Maybe it's a law firm. Unbeknownst to you, environmental conditions in the area over the past summer have caused record numbers of bugs to appear. There are bugs everywhere. The client doesn't want to reschedule, even though the bugs are getting indoors. You try your best to get good shots without any bugs, but it's nearly impossible. They're on the food. They're on the lawyers. They're crawling on your lens.

You go home to edit the pictures the best you can. The client has to get these pictures out in time for next month's magazine. You give them the finished photos, thinking they're bug-free. Your client quickly sends in the ad and the magazine goes to print. But you missed something. A viewer notices a bug you forgot to edit out and posts the picture online. The ad goes viral. People talk about the bug restaurant or the bug lawyers. Your client is furious. They sue, claiming their business suffered losses because of the unflattering photo. "But it was the bugs!" you say. The lawsuit presses on.

Luckily, Errors & Omissions Insurance can cover suits over professional mistakes.

3. Being Sued Because of a Boy

3. Being Sued Because of a Boy

Visualize yourself at a car show. You're the photographer. (Shocked?) You're taking pictures for the event organizers, and right now, you're focused on photographing a beautiful black 1953 Buick Skylark. The lines are elegant, the chrome is sparkling, and the upholstery is flawless.

Suddenly, a small boy runs past your feet as your eyes peer through the camera's viewfinder. You take a step forward just as the boy crosses your path, and you go tumbling into the car, camera first. The hard casing smashes into the car door, and it leaves a long, deep scratch in the paint as you slide to the concrete floor. The car owner walks over and gasps. You look up, expecting him to give you a helping hand, but instead he simply points at the scratch and screams. "But the boy!" you cry. The boy is long gone. The lawsuit presses on.

General Liability Insurance can cover claims that you damaged someone else's property in your work. And really, it's a common risk if you're shooting products or on location. Luckily, in most cases involving property damage, your insurance can help with a settlement before a lawsuit goes to court. As for the damage to your camera, Property Insurance can compensate you for that.

4. Being Sued Because of the Wind

4. Being Sued Because of the Wind

Imagine a photography studio that you own. You're the photographer. (Obviously.) You specialize in taking pictures of kids, and you have all sorts of ways to entertain them and make them smile. On this day, a darling little toddler sits on a bench in her pretty dress. Things are going smoothly so far.

A window is open to let in a light breeze. The toddler rocks back and forth on the bench, and you're focusing on getting her focused. She's smiling and laughing and won't stay still, rocking back and forth, back and forth. Out of nowhere, a huge gust of wind blasts through the open window and rushes into the studio.

There's a crash. You look up. The toddler is still on the bench. (You didn't think we were going to hurt a toddler in this article, did you, you monster?) To the right, you see her father on the ground, squirming in pain. The wind caught a light reflector and blew it onto him, causing him trip and fall on a light cord and twist his ankle. But that's not all: as he fell, he gripped a hot light and burned his hand. Down he went, slamming into the ground. Probably a bruised rib there, too. "The wind…" you begin. But it's too late. You're already being sued.

Is this another job for General Liability Insurance? Yes, yes it is. Your General Liability policy covers you in case a client or third-party gets injured on your property. So even though the father suffered a serious injury, your insurance can help pay for medical expenses and other damages.

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The ride has come to an end. We hope you were thrilled. Though these scenarios may be unlikely, the risk of lawsuits is all too real. It doesn't take freak accidents or unnatural chance for legal trouble to find your photography business and strain your finances. So fill out an online application to get coverage.

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