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Photographers and videographers have no easy task when it comes to balancing art and commerce. You have to have a good eye for both great composition and great business opportunities. But sometimes, business insurance can be a blind spot, especially if you're unfamiliar with it. Often, you only hear about it by asking other professionals in your industry.

But it shouldn't take a secret handshake or firsthand experience to reveal the benefits of business insurance. Instead, explore the following guides and articles that contextualize your risks and make insurance easy to understand.

Top 5 Risks for Photographers and Videographers

Get to know the biggest stumbling blocks that photography and videography professionals face so you can keep them from throwing your business off track.

Should Photographers Bother with Liability Insurance?

This article explores why liability insurance is a smart investment for photographers and videographers. For starters, it's easy to get into legal trouble, but hard to get out of it.

The 6 Most Ridiculous Times Photography Insurance Came in Handy

Check out some outlandish lawsuits real photographers have faced. Though these lawsuits may seem absurd, they can all be traced back to common risks every photographer may come up against.

Why the Cost of Camera Insurance Is Probably Less than You'd Think

Think it'll cost you an arm and a leg to cover your camera and equipment? Insurance is actually surprisingly affordable and a cost-effective way to protect your livelihood.

4 Times When Video Production Insurance Saved the Day

Take a look at real-life examples of lawsuits that videographers faced and how insurance helped in those situations.

5 Things You Didn't Know about Professional Photographer Insurance

If you aren't too familiar with insurance, discover some facts about what it can cover, how inexpensive it can be, and how it can help you attract clients.

4 Headaches Wedding Photographer Insurance Can Prevent

Wedding photographers, for a number of reasons, face a lot more risk than other photographers. They have to be prepared for anything to go wrong. Find out how insurance can help you prepare.

6 Things that Are More Expensive than Photography Business Insurance

To give you some perspective on how reasonable photography business insurance can be, take a look at common things you may be spending more money on.

5 Life Hacks that Would Give You Enough Money for Photography Business Insurance

In case you think you can't afford to protect your business with insurance, here are some easy ways to cut wasteful spending and save enough money for a policy.

Why Buying Film Equipment Insurance Might Feel Like Stealing

Don't worry — getting video equipment insurance isn't illegal. It just might feel that way when you consider everything that it can do and how little it costs.

4 Unlikely Lawsuits Your Photographer Liability Insurance Would Cover

Take an imaginary ride down the river of unlikely lawsuits. These wacky scenarios might be improbable, but your insurance policy can still cover them.

Do you still have questions about liability insurance? Contact one of our photographer and videographer insurance specialists for advice.

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