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Comprehensive Small Business Insurance for Video Production and Editing Studios

Whether your startup video production studio is a home-based business or you've owned your independent videography business for years, a solid business protection plan is essential.

Your field comes with unique insurance risks, which means you need a unique insurance plan to match. For example, by the nature of your profession, you work onsite and in a studio, so you need coverage that will move with you. And with most video production and editing done digitally these days, your studio may be at high risk for incidents of data theft and information mismanagement.

Unlike many other insurance companies, insureon works with agents who specialize in the insurance needs of video production and editing studios like yours. Below is a look into the most commonly purchased small-business insurance policies by videography professionals.

As a business owner, you can work with agents to adjust each one of these policies to suit the needs of your video production and editing studio. That way, you end up with a customized plan: all the coverage you need and none you don't.

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When you're ready to find business insurance that can keep your equipment safe (or if you've got a handful of questions you want answered), feel free to get in touch. Complete an application online or contact an insureon agent, and we'll do our best to get you on your way to having excellent business insurance from some of the nation's top carriers.

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