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For the perfect shot, you might not need much more than an interesting subject, good lighting, the right lens, and a discerning eye. But if you've turned your photography expertise into a job, you might need something else: photographer insurance. Your insurance can cover costs when your equipment breaks or gets stolen, when you accidentally damage someone else's property during your shoot, or when you're sued over personal injury or defamation. Plus, it protects your personal and business assets from taking a hit when faced with hefty lawsuits or accidents.

Let insureon's agents connect you with the insurance policies that suit your needs. They understand the risks that are unique to photography businesses, no matter if you own a studio, photograph weddings, or freelance for magazines. Take a look at the insurance policies you might need below.

Each of the policies can be customized to fit your needs. Read on to learn more about these policies and the coverage options available to you.

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Freelance photographers can speak with an insureon agent who specializes in advising not just freelancers, but freelance photographers. Our agent will work with you and some of the most regarded insurance providers in the business to get you multiple business insurance quotes lickety-split. Alternatively, you can fill out our quick online application to receive your business insurance quotes in your inbox.

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